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The Best Damn Drinking Game You'll Ever Play


Faps is a one-of-a-kind drinking game created by two bored college idiots for the admirable purpose of getting everyone in the room healthily drunk.

It's fun.

It's weird.

It's Faps!

the best damn drinking game you'll ever play. 


what is faps?

How to play


  • Why is the game called Faps?
    why not?
  • What exactly is Faps?
    Faps is a one-of-a-kind party game where players or "fappers" are seated around a deck of shuffled cards. Each "fapper" takes a turn drawing from the deck. Once all of the cards have been "fapped", the game is over! There are three types of cards, number cards, royal cards, and action cards. Each type of card brings a new element to the game. Email us at if you have any further questions or DM us on instagram @fapsthedrinkinggame
  • What comes in the box? Is it everything I need?
    Everything you need for a quality fap is included in the box (Excluding alcohol and common household items needed for certain action cards). 69 cards (ha nice), 5 dice, 3 tokens, 1 "I'm a huge bitch" card The "how-to-fap" manual (you wish you got from your parents)
  • How many players do you recommend?
    A solo fap is a sad fap. The box recommends 4-10 players for the best experience, but we have fapped with more (and less).
  • How long does a game last?
    Faps is a marathon, not a sprint. Never rush a quality fap session. Average duration is about 60 minutes.
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